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Stone Creek uses the latest technology to deliver the best fitness experience for our members! The apps listed below can help enhance your member experience, from online reservations to workout accountability.

Stone Creek App: Download the free Stone Creek Club & Spa App from the App Store or Google Play for easy tennis court, Pilates/TRX and small group training reservations. This app will also keep you updated with notifications on the most important club news. It’s simple to use -

  1. Download the App
  2. Create a username and password (if you don’t already have one)
  3. Set the ‘location’ of your choice - fitness or tennis
  4. Click the menu button on the top left to book your appointment (class or court)
  5. Once you select your class or court, be sure to click “Book class or court” to confirm

AudioFetch: AudioFetch is required for Stone Creek’s Small Group Training Program. This free app allows class participants to hear the instructor and music while keeping class noise to a minimum for other members throughout the club. (Note: Participants in Small Group Training also need wired headphones - not bluetooth. An armband or waistband for holding your phone during class is also recommended.)

MYZONE: Members who purchase a MYZONE belt will definitely want the free MYZONE app. It allows users to view a live feed of their workout effort, including heart rate zone and calories burned, whether you’re working out at the club, outdoors or anywhere! It’s also an easy & convenient place to track your workout progress over time.

Tunity: Listen in on the muted TVs in our weight room and cafe areas with Tunity, a free app that streams live audio from any TV you scan. (Note: Each piece of cardio equipment at Stone Creek has its own television monitor. No app is needed to listen to your favorite channel during a cardio workout - simply plug your headphones in and go!)

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