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Resolutions to Results

The 2019 Resolutions to Results challenge includes both individual and team components, weekly trainer-led workouts, 2 InBody tests, weekly weigh-ins, EXCLUSIVE use of Hydromassage throughout the contest and much more! Members & non-members welcome! 

Dates: January 14 - February 22
Cost: Early-bird pricing for members (only until Dec. 24th) - $329
$359 members; $399 non-members (includes full access to the club during RtoR)

What's Included: 
2 InBody Readings
2 trainer-led team workouts per week
Up to 3 Hydromassage sessions per week
Detailed Mediterranean Diet Meal Plan
R to R hat (with early registration)
& more!

Team Workout Times: 
Mon/Wed 6am (Tyler)
Mon/Wed 9:30am (Logan)
Mon/Wed 12pm (Tristan)
Mon/Wed 4:30pm (Mallory)
Tues 5:30pm/Sat 9am (Jonathan)
Tues/Thurs 12pm (Jude)
Tues/Fri 11am (Judy - low-impact)


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