Stone Creek Club & Spa Donation Inquiries
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Donation Inquiries

Stone Creek Club & Spa has a deep-rooted history in supporting the community around us. As we receive more requests for donations and support, we have adopted the following policy:

  • All requests should be submitted through the Club website 30 days prior to the date the item is needed.
  • Support can come in several ways (with the exception of monetary donations):- Auction items- Spa Services- Lagniappe Cards- Stone Creek Logo Merchandise/Baskets- On-Site Fitness Classes- Etc. 
  • The determination of donations distributed will be decided upon weekly with an executive team and/or Club ownership and management
To help us evaluate each request we receive, we have set up specific requirements and criteria for applicants to meet. We greatly appreciate your understanding and compliance with the following donation request guidelines.


Please complete the Donation Inquiry form here:

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